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 Monday, November 19, 2018
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Giving Back to the Community

» Articles, Features, Rant-ON | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 02/10/2007 [Discuss]

On January 13, 2005, the staff did a Watcher on Appleseed the Movie. We had fun with the Watcher and so did Friday of SoulKool, LLC. After submitting the feature to her, she was delighted and proceeded to send me some goodies. The goodies included: 6 Appleseed posters (7 if I count the one I got from the New York to Tokyo special screening), 11 postcards, and 2 figurines. She also tossed in a special something something for me (Her friend’s band, Call Florence Pow CD). She was a great person to deal with and with all these goodies, I cannot possibly selfishly keep them all. With the title of Vice President to my name for my university’s anime club, I decided to dish them out during an anime meeting. So here are some pictures my assistant and I took while at the meeting. Enjoy!

On our way to the university. That is about 35 miles, so I decided to turn on the NOS.

I slowed down a bit, due to the Five O’s ambushing this area (cops). :P

And so my assistant and I arrived to the meeting room after about a 30 minutes drive.

Look at the garbage anime clubbers feast on. Potato chips and soda? Comon! (Oh yeah, I was the one that bought the chips ^_^;;).

The contest rules were this: Members of the club (excluding me) draws out a paper to see what they will be winning. Supposedly we were to ask questions, but due to the poor time scheduling of the club, the turn out was not great and there were enough prizes to give to everyone so the questions were omitted. (Friday, 7:00PM, that is when everyone is home chillin’ or warmin’, whatever you want to call it). But for those who did show up, I gave them the stuff the paper they drew out wrote.

For an odd reason, all the ladies got posters :). This thing is rigged!!!

This guy looks unhappy, even though he just received a Deunan figurine from me! What an unappreciative bastage!

This dude, just got Briareos and the dude with Deunan still looks dazed… maybe he is just lost?

Finally!!! A reaction from the dazed one! *Laughs*

Hmm… a rare sighting. The club president actually got a poster.

So here are the talkative members discussing about various things, everyone is smiling and into it, it seems like they liked the stuff they got. :)

While everyone is busying chatting down, this feature cannot be possibly complete without a picture of me and what once used to be my poster. :-(

My assistant here, was down on what he picked out from the papers, saying, “I went to this anime meeting and all I got was this lousy postcard.” After I took him to the corner and beat some sense into him, he was happy with what he got :).

In the end, I leave without anything… but hmm… I do believe I brought in a bag of other screening materials in case the club meeting has time for it. Where could that have gone?

This fool thinks he can get away, looks like someone will be walking home tonight.

Main Idea of this Rant?! - Giving back to the community can be quite fun.

Closing Statement(s) - The club meeting time is just horrendous. I mean, who goes to club meetings on Friday nights? Everyone is out partying or at home relaxing. If I did not plan to give out the Appleseed promotional items, I would not have gone to the meeting. But in any case, I liked this event for Animesou. It shows that we do not only sit on our behinds all day and watch anime, we actually try to do stuff to promote it. Also a big thanks goes to Friday, who has been so kind throughout the whole process. I certainly will look forward into working with her on other projects. And Raymond Tse, my assistant. He made my drive to the meeting much more enjoyable and helped out with various of things, such as, carrying the bags :P. Thanks brother man!

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