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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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1/100 MG RX-78 NT-1 Alex

» Features, Plastic Modeling (PLAMO) | posted by RAYTHEGREAT! on 03/16/2006 [Discuss]

RX-78 NT-1 Alex Gundam
Designer/Modeler: Ray
Finished: March 14, 2006
Scale: 1/100 Master Grade
Status: Finished

Skill Level: 5/10
Quality: 8/10
Design: 8/10

Engineering: 5/10

Background Information:  
The RX-78NT1 is the fourth Gundam unit created by the Federation Forces during the One Year War. Redesigned for use by ace pilot Amuro Ray, whose success in battle was seen as evidence of his Newtype powers, this Gundam was given the designation “NT1.” Unlike Zeon’s Newtype weapons, the Gundam NT1 doesn’t have a psycommu interface; instead, its designers concentrated on making it highly responsive and maneuverable. Its special features include magnet-coated joints for increased responsiveness, a new type of panoramic cockpit display, and pop-up gatling guns in its forearms. The Gundam NT1 can also be fitted with optional Chobham armor for extra protection, increasing its overall weight to a massive 95 tons.
Source: Gundam Official

Pilot: Christina Mackenzie
Head height: 18.0 meter
Base weight: 40.0 tons (50.0 tons in full armor mode)
Full weight: 72.5 tons (95.0 tons in full armor mode)
Generator: 1420 kW
Thrusters: 132,000 kg (174,000 kg in full armor mode)
Apogee motors: 19
Armor materials: Luna Titanium alloy
60mm vulcan gun x 2
beam saber x 2
90mm gatling gun x 2
beam rifle

Production Notes:

February 04, 2006:

    Built out of box and painted. One thing I like about Master Grade models is, they don’t need puttying. I had this model for along time, this was actually my second Master Grade model. If you like to build models without painting them, then a Master grade is a good choice for you. I have no problems with this model except for decided to weather have the armor on it or not.

- Parts ready for spray paint.


- Working on more then one model at a time.


- Drying the parts.


- When spraying parts flat on the sheet, sometimes you will miss some of the parts on the model. To get those complex parts, filled in, you would need to spray it separately.

- What I did here was put a ball of clay on the inside and stick a rod through it. Then spray the angles that I missed.


- Slowly putting the parts back together.


- The Internal parts on the legs, this kind of detail was a big deal back then.


- This marking here says “left” and make sure you put this on the left side of the model.


-  This is right.


- The shoulder is made of a special rubber joint.



- The backpack detail.


- Almost done!


- Finished!

























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