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 Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Random Thoughts Part. 3

» Articles, Features, Rant-ON | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]


Random Thoughts Part. 3 ————————————-

By: Alpha

1) Those Dodge commercials on TV that go “Hit it!”  Uhh… I missed something.  What exactly do you hit?

2) The NFL is back, MLB is at its heights and NBA is on the horizon.  Got no time for anything else.  :P.

3) Being selected as the vice-president of your university’s anime club is cool.

4) Nextel text messaging is BS.  I receive messages from my girlfriend who has another provider the next day after I have sent my message.  WTF?  I pay $7.50 per month for unlimited crap like this?

5) If you have not seen Jackie Chan’s Thunderbolt, you are not a true fan of his.

6) Samurai Champloo is funny, cool and exciting!

7) Diamond Dust is quite interesting.  And no… I am not referring to any illegal drugs.

8) After watching Excel Saga for a few times, I noticed the comedy is pretty garbage.

9) The Get Backer’s manga distributed by TokyoPOP is a good read.  The anime should be even better ^_^.

10) Anyone care to donate me some DDR RAM, Hard drive, graphics card or any other computer upgrades, email me hehe :).

11) Do people still watch WWE?  The ending to No Mercy was stupid and corny.

12) Ever heard of that song “Goodies”?  The beat sounds like some junk beat that nobody wanted and trashed it, before the singer (do not know her name) picked it up and wrote a crap song with it.  That radio / satellite interference sound is so freakin’ annoying.  Argh!

13) Join me and the rest of the gang at the forums.  I am out.  Ja ne.



Main Idea of this Rant?! - Random thoughts from me!


Closing Statement(s) - Look forward to part four.  :)

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