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 Monday, November 19, 2018
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Hardships of a Reviewer

» Articles, Features, Rant-ON | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]


The Hardships of a Reviewer ———————————–

By: Alpha

     I recently heard a conversation on a radio sports talk show (the name of the show is not important heh) while I was driving home after taking my finals. Anyways as I was at fifty percent tuning into the show and fifty percent driving and spacing out at the same time, the dude on the show mentioned a great idea for me to write about. He said something about reviewers like myself, get to see everything before everyone. The great, good, bad and the ugly, of course, the great and the good are pleasant things, but when reviewers are put through the bad… not to mention the ugly. Now Houston… we have a problem.

     You will say that I am lying if I told you that every screener I received was ‘the best damn thing ever!’ Of course, I would not oppose you as it is the truth. Indeed I have seen the most atrocious works of anime ever to come around, but can I ask you one question? How in the hell do you review them? I know I asked you about one question, but have you ever seen something so horrible that you do not have any intellectual thoughts about it other than it is a piece of ’stuffing’ that you have just wasted an hour or so on?

     You get the idea, being a reviewer is not as easy as it seems. You try to be too perfect in your writings; people will kill you for it. You try to use too difficult of a vocabulary, people think you are being a little wise ass, and lord do not let your haters spot a mistake in your reviews, because if they do, they are going to try and make you out to be a fool, even though they are the real donkeys for scanning every single word you write just to try and act a bit smarter than they really are.

     I have been there, done that. Guy pounds on me for something I wrote while I was half awake, 5′O Clock in the morning. Just ignore or pound back if you got the ill skills like me ^_^;;. But back to what I was saying. How do you review something that sucks so badly? Better yet, if it was hentai, how do you review that? ‘Oh yeah, this scene and that scene were arousing…’ man that is what hentai is supposed to do most of the time, what the hell is wrong with you! It is truly a difficult task to review a hentai title, because when you are tuned in to the story, a sex scene happens and right after it you just forgot what happened before they went through their business, either that or there was no story to beginning with, only the action.

     So there you have it, the hardships of a reviewer. If you are the person that likes to give reviewers a hard time, can you do it better? Well why do not you write it? I would like to see you try, because then you do not have to read what we have to say. And if you are a reviewer who gives other reviewers a hard time… man… get a life, go write more of your own reviews and stop stealing the review ideas from other reviewers. PUNK!


Main Idea of this Rant?! - I have no idea.


Closing Statement(s) - I hate haters, did you just noticed? 

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