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 Monday, November 19, 2018
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Photoshop Artworks

» Articles, Features, Rant-ON | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]


Photoshop Artworks ———————————————

By: Alpha

     This is where I introduce to you some of my works that I’ve done using Adobe’s Photoshop 7.  Anybody is capable of making “hot” artworks, its all about testing and making errors.  Even errors can give you something you never expected and look crazy “hot,” believe me, I’m a person who tests new filters and stuff, and create effects I never thought I can do.  I’m not an expert in Photoshop, but I can say that creativity plays a big role in making artworks.  

     You never want to copy a certain person’s works, you have to be better, which comes to originality.  Everything nowadays can relate to originality, games, anime, manga, movies and TV shows.  I can go on about originality, but I’m going to go back to creativity.  I make picture signatures for my teammates over at Clan IODINE for the Half-Life Team Fortress Classic mod.  

     Picture signatures are also known as “siggies,” as a process of making “siggies” the artist must combine a suitable background with the person’s name and a font which can express the person’s name best.  Creativity comes into play for that step above, which also is the hardest part.  I can take about 15 minutes just going through all my fonts and finding a couple suitable fonts.  Hey!, that’s me, if you’re an expert or have more talent than me then you might take a shorter amount of time.  

Anyways enough with my babbling here are my works.


The background was actually an error that I made, but it looks cool and the owner of the siggie likes it.  You can also see that the fonts some how matches the name.


The background came from a tutorial that I saw (I changed the color though :P).  Using it I made this, I also added the MIRV, it is an explosive from the TFC mod.  


For this siggie, you’ll need some imagination.  On the right you can see a little glowing red spot, which I intended on making it, it’s eyes.  Using your imagination, you can probably make out the image to be a melting monster.


In this siggie, the background was something I did randomly.  I added an EMP, also an explosive from the TFC mod.


This is my favorite siggie out of my whole collection.  Just look at it, the background is a perfect match for the name, and the name is a perfect match for the font.  The background was also a randomly made work.  Using the chrome filter after several other filters and then finally adjusting the hue/saturation.



Main Idea of this Rant?! - Just showing my ill skills for you to envy, just kidding!  I just wanted to show that it doesn’t hurt to try, nor does it hurt to make mistakes. To turn the mistake around and make something good with added creativity (heart) you can do amazing things. 

Animesou staff: Uh oh, Alpha is preaching life values again!


Closing Statement(s) - Ok, maybe my quote doesn’t relate at all to my artworks or for this whole Rant-ON for this matter, but it’s all good, because I really do believe in learning from your own mistakes.

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