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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Great Teacher Onizuka V.2

» Articles, Features, Manga | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 01/29/2006 [Discuss]

[GTO] Great Teacher Onizuka V.2 Manga Review ————————

By: Alpha

Former gangster Onizuka is ready to put aside his punkish outlaw ways and join the working world as a teacher. All that stands between him and a regular paycheck - and dozens of hot girls to flirt with - is the big teaching exam …which, of course, he proceeds to flub. Now, without credentials, the only place he can land a job is as a student teacher at the Holy Forest Academy where he only barely gets hired after humiliating the Vice Principal. He’ll have to use his street smarts to deal with students and faculty alike if he’s ever going to become a Great Teacher.

     After being hung up so high by TokyoPOP at the end of volume one, we finally go to volume two and the action continues.  Onizuka shows what he thinks teaching is about.  He tries to fix a family problem, that one of his female students was having.  At the end, of course, his help works and the family finally begins to come back as a whole.  (Ya know? a good old sledge hammer does come in handy at times ^_^) 

     One problem is solved and another comes running in.  Onizuka finishes his teacher in training program, and is looking for a school who would hire him, being a lazy person that he is and thinking that things will come knocking on your door without yourself giving any effort, (By the way, that quote has some meaning to it, FYI) Onizuka doesn’t make it to the exam that all teachers had to take if they were to teach at a public school.  As he is sulking, his best friend Ryuji, shows him the light!  That’s where the funniest part out of this volume comes in; Onizuka meets Azusa Fuyutsuki (A soon to be teacher) and vice principal, Uchiyamada.  After a hilarious scene on the bus, both Onizuka and Fuyutsuki goes to Holy Forest Academy for their interviews.  Oh my god!  Funny scenes come one after another, and all of a sudden you see Uchiyamada on the floor with white foam over his mouth. :D then…

     GTO changes to GDO (Great Driver Onizuka) and as he drives, Ryuji rings him up and tells Onizuka some great news.  He makes a U-turn on the Tokaido interstate and drives recklessly back to the academy.  He is later on hired and will be living on campus.  A lot of weird things go on at night on the campus and as Onizuka uncovers them, he finds another, soon to be problem.                        


Recommend Value - A+,GTO is one of the best manga / anime series that ever appeared on the face of the Earth.  With comedy, ecchi humor, and life values this piece of work contains.  It’s no wonder why Tohru Fujisawa named this work GREAT Teacher Onizuka and I’m sure a lot of readers and viewers agree too.


Closing Statement(s) - Need.. to… calm… the… cravings… for…. more… scenes… of… Ms….. Fuyutsuki. 

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