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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Edition 21: Fall 2011: Anime Releases

» Articles, Features, The Watcher (Previews) | posted by Wai Yung (Wayne) Chim on 10/4/2011 [Discuss]

I have always been a fan of Fate Stay Night, and when this piece came out, I was obviously excited. Fate/Zero is the prequel to Fate Stay Night. It is based on the Holy Grail war that occurred before the events of Fate Stay Night. In this version, you will get to see the family ties and more in-depth insight in the characters of Fate Stay Night, who played the role of extras.

So all this stuff should be good and dandy right? No. To my surprise, I was quite disappointed with what I have seen thus far. The dialogues were long and boring. The animation felt… like the kind I would see in dating simulation game. You know, the type with the high resolution backgrounds and then the character will be in the foreground, torso up, just talking.

It was quite sickening during one of the scenes where Kotomine Kirei was being recruited by Tosaka Tokiomi and Kotomine Risei; the scene was pretty much Kirei standing in the middle and Tokiomi and Risei playing duck duck goose, circling Kirei and informing him of the Holy Grail war. What kind of crap is that? Anyways, the first episode is 45 minutes and I was unimpressed. I was bored and just wanted it to be over. I certainly hope the future episodes will be different, because Fate/Zero has a lot of potential. Saber deserves better!

In the second season of Working!!, the crew at Wagnaria is back and viewers are in for some comedic adventures. If you have not seen the first season, Working!! is about Takanashi Sota and his experience working at a restaurant named Wagnaria. Sounds pretty simple, but the cast of characters are all quirky and weird in their own way. Takanashi loves small things, Popura is a short girl who strives to be tall, Inami has androphobia and uses Takanashi as a punching bag and Yachiyo carries a katana around at all times. There are more strange personalities, but let us get to the actual show itself.

Nothing has changed since the first season; it felt like this series just picked up exactly where it left off. After watching the first episode, I did not feel the same enjoyment that I had from the first season. I guess, it was because I was no longer surprised by the things that happen at Wagnaria. But even with that, I will continue to watch Working’!! as I know there will some entertaining content in it.

Bakuman 2nd Season:
Bakuman 2nd Season
What is the life of a manga-ka like? What if you were a student with the dream of becoming a successful manga-ka? In Bakuman, the show will take you behind the scenes to see how some of the things are in the manga creation world. As a work that came from the creators of Death Note, you know Bakuman had some high expectations. Judging from what I have seen, the show is the slice of life types where you feel a certain connection with the characters as they are chasing their dream.

I have not seen the first season of Bakuman, and I guess I missed all the struggles Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi went through to get their manga “Detective Trap” serialized. Although that is the case, season two brings a new chapter to the two characters’ lives. Now that they are serialized, they need to work harder to keep it that way. How will they deal with the changes or failures? Guess if you are one of those viewers who love to see how some people’s lives play out, this show is for you.

Cube x Cursed x Curious
C³ also known as C Cube or Cube x Cursed x Curious, was a light novel by Hazuki Minase, before it was adapted into a manga and anime series. One day, a package box arrives at the home of Haruaki Yachi from his father and thinking that it was just another one of his father’s weird antique collectibles, Haruaki dumps it in the storage room. On that very night, he is awoken by noise in the kitchen; that is when he comes into contact with a naked girl named Fear.

Fear is not your average girl; she attained her human form after years of hatred and murderous intents from people. She was “created” to accept these feelings and to deal with them. She will also cause problems for whoever is her owner, but as Haruaki reassures her, he is immune to curses, so Fear can curse him all she wants. Upon watching this piece play out, I kept having this thought in the back of my mind. This anime felt like Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, maybe because Fear resembled Erio Towa. Anyways, I enjoyed what I saw thus far in C Cube. The story seems interesting and the character exchanges were entertaining. I am definitely looking forward to how this show plays out.

Kimi to Boku:
Kimi to Boku
After seeing a lot of these school girl slice of life anime pop up recently, we finally have an opportunity to see a male version. Kimi to Boku is an anime adaptation from the manga series by Kiichi Hotta and is about four childhood friends and their school adventures. I have to admit, I did not think much of the show seeing how it is mainly about school boys, but it was interesting. There were some comedy that made me chuckle, nothing too crazy though. Since I am not a big fan of this genre, I cannot fully recommend it. If you like to see how people go on with their daily lives, this one is for you.

Shinryaku Ika Musume Season 2:
Ika Musume
Shinryaku Ika Musume is a cute show. But it is just that. For those who have not seen the first season, the anime follows a squid girl who vows revenge on humans, because of their pollution to the ocean. That sounds quite menacing, until she breaks a wall in the Aizawa household. After that she is forced to pay off the damages through work as a waitress at the Lemon beach house.

The story picks up from where first season left off; the viewers will see how this squid girl communicates with humans and her plans of revenge, it kind of feels like “Pinky & the Brain.” One thing that I found annoying is the way Ika Musume ends her sentences (geso), and after watching one episode of it, I do not know how anyone is able to withstand two seasons of that abuse. So if you are into kind of show, go for it. Otherwise, I would move on to something else.

Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle:
Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle is produced by Sunrise and is about a genius puzzle solver named, Daimon Kaito. Kaito is one of those kids that want a challenge, because through talent alone he was able to clear the so called difficult puzzles that other students took a long time to solve or could not solve at all. In comes Jikukawa Soji, the puzzle club’s president. He gave a device to Kaito with puzzles in it. When Kaito solved the puzzles one after another, he receives a message from someone named, Minotaur, through the device. It was an invitation to solve a complex puzzle that the Puzzle King could not solve; the Sage’s puzzle.

As I was watching this show, Zelda and Resident Evil games came to mind, since both of those titles contained puzzles for the gamer to solve. In the case of Phi Brain, you are not the person solving these puzzles, you are watching someone else do the job and I wonder how much amusement one would attain from doing that. Do not get me wrong, I thought Phi Brain was enjoyable, because I am a fan of puzzles. It also kept a rapid pace throughout, so I had to stay tuned to the screen. Overall, the show might not appeal to all viewers, but if you have nothing else better to watch, check this out. You might find it interesting.

Chihayafuru is an anime adaptation from the manga series created by Yuki Suetsugu. The story follows a high school girl named Chihaya Ayase and her dream of becoming a Karuta master. That is a pretty weird dream to have for a high school student as the game of Karuta is not one that is very prominent in the modern world. But nevertheless, it is a dream that she has set for herself, unlike her previous dream when she was an elementary school girl, where it was that her sister becomes a famous model. The idea of having her own dream was brought up to her by Arata Wataya, a transfer student that the other students picked on. During a game of Karuta, Chihaya was amazed at Arata’s passion for the game and as a result, she developed her own.

As great of a job Madhouse did with the animation, I do believe that it is quite difficult to bring the game of Karuta any excitement on screen. You got players slapping cards away and they fly like ninja stars are thrown. Kind of excessive and dangerous if you asked me. Anyways, as I said, the animation was very lovely and while I will not keep this in my watch list, I do feel that there will be an audience for this show. I mean, take a look at the success of Hikaru no Go. Who would have thought a game like Go would produced the results it did as an anime? I sure did not.

Mashiro Iro Symphony:
Mashiro Iro Symphony
Mashiro Iro Symphony is an eroge (adult game) by Palette. While it is in the genre of eroge, there really is not much gaming aspect to it, as it is a visual novel where the players read and look at the scenes and select certain choices. Now that it has been adapted into an anime, I am wondering how this will turn out. I sure hope it will not be like Yosuga no Sora, you know what I am talking about if you have seen that anime.

Mashiro Iro Symphony follows our protagonist, Shingo Uryu. In the first episode, most of the show was dedicated to Sakuno (Shingo’s little sister) getting lost and Shingo going out to look for her. After a while, Sakuno meets Airi Sena, a girl who is also lost and together they meet up with Shingo in the park. The Uryu siblings did not know who Airi Sena is and not knowing whether they will see each other again they bid their farewells. Fast forward some scenes and now the viewer is finally told the situation and the base the anime will build on. Shingo and Sakuno are both students of Kagamidai Private Academy and as a result of certain events; the Kagamidai students are undergoing a merger with an all girls school, Yuihime Girls’ Private Academy.

The episode comes to an end when it is revealed that Airi Sena is actually a student of the Yuihimi Girls’ academy who is fine with the girls merging, but opposes the boys from Kagamidai. It is up to Shingo now to get through to Airi that merging the boys to the school would not be a bad idea. I really do not know how this anime will turn out, and I will not recommend this show to viewers who are not fans of this genre, as certain parts of the show is torture for those who cannot stand these eroge turned anime.

Persona 4 the Animation:
Persona 4: The Animation
Persona 4: The Animation is an adaptation from the video game for the Sony Playstation 2, and since I have beaten that game, I was exhilarated when I heard that an anime series was going to be produced. Okay, let us get into the anime now. If you have played the game, a lot of the scenes felt old. Maybe I was expecting a little too much, I thought it was going to be different somehow. But so far, the show follows the game to the scene. I knew what was going to happen, I knew what was going to be said in the dialogues and other than the fact that these characters are animated, there was nothing special about it.

When they said Persona 4: The Animation, they really meant Persona 4, just animated. If you enjoyed the game, you might find the animation less entertaining because there was nothing that was extraordinary. If you did not play the game, Persona 4: The Animation should feel fresh to you, but I would suggest that you do play the game sometime in the near future. I will still continue to watch this anime, as I am a huge fan of Persona.

Maken Ki!:
Maken Ki!
Maken Ki! is a manga by Hiromitsu Takeda, adapted into an anime. The plot focuses on Takeru Ohyama, your average high school boy without much focus in life. He decided to attend Tenbi Academy due to the fact that there were no interviews, no entrance exams, is a boarding school and just recently became a co-ed school after many years of being an all girls’ institution. Obviously, this is all too good to be true and within a few scenes he got to experience what Tenbi Academy was about. It is a school that focuses on magical martial arts combat battles.

Enough with the story, Maken Ki! is your typical ecchi humor show, with your typical characters and in this day in age, what is really original anymore right? It really comes down to how these perceived “typical” things are used in relation to the show. When it comes down to it, I liked Maken Ki!. There might be excessive panty shots, but that should not take away the fact that it was entertaining. The characters were nicely designed and animated, plus the battle scenes looked great. The interactions in the anime were paced well, so the viewer knows exactly what is going on throughout. Definitely check Maken Ki! out, if you like the ecchi humor genre.

Shakugan no Shana III (Final):
Shakugan no Shana III
Shakugan no Shana III is the final series of the anime. Honestly speaking, this title is another one of those, “I forgot it never finished” kind of titles. I do not really remember much from the previous seasons as the last time I watched them were years ago. Anyways, Yuji Sakai is now gone, disappeared, he has moved on and reappears as the leader of Bal Masque. How is Shana going to deal with this battle? If this installment is similar to the previous series, it should be quite entertaining. There will be action, drama and the best of all, a conclusion.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!:
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai, which translates to “Do You Love Me Seriously” is an adult visual novel developed by Minato Soft and has been adapted into a manga and now an anime series. Right off the bat, you are put into a class war, also known as the Kawakami War; the battle between the S class and the F class (Some Baka-Test element to it?). Watching this show, reminded me of the aforementioned Baka-Test, an episode of Sora no Otoshimono Forte where there was a class battle and also characters from other shows in the form or similarity and exactly (Ex: Ageha Kuki from “They Are My Noble Masters”).

In Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai or Majikoi for short, we follow Yamato Naoe, the brains behind the operations. He wants to prove to Momoyo Kawakami (Shinra resemblance from “They Are My Noble Masters”) that he is worthy to be by her side. Their relationship is one of brother and sister, which for some viewers is a major turn off. I certainly felt disturbed, but as with Asian culture the term brother and sister is just a reference to someone who is close and older/younger.

I did not think this anime was entertaining. Matter of fact, I fell asleep and had to re-watch it after a coffee break, and still my mind set did not change. Majikoi is supposed to be a comedy but it was not funny; it is the usual harem type anime with no depth. During the whole run time of the episode, I kept questioning myself, “What is the point of this show?” Things kept occurring on screen, but I was tuned out, because it was boring and uninteresting.

Kyouka Senjou no Horizon:
Kyouka Senjou no Horizon
Kyouka Senjou no Horizon, also known as Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere is an anime by Sunrise and was adapted from a light novel by Minoru Kawakami. The story takes place in the future where Earth was no longer habitable and humans have taken on space exploration only to find that they were not able to. Japan is the only area that was habitable. How is it that a small country, such as, Japan can foster the entire human population? Of course, that is impossible, so dimensions were created to solve the issue. When the original Japanese population was pushed out by the invading dimension forces, they created the city ship Musashi.

The city ship flies around Japan, looking to reclaim what was once their land. In comes Tori Aoi, our protagonist. He has the “Oh gosh” type of personality and very easy going. Because of this, he became the president of the student council. While he does not excel in any particular area, he is respected. From what I have seen thus far, the show will have a lot of boobs, a lot of tight fitting outfits from the female characters and some odd ball moments as a result of the other characters.

I cannot say that Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere is anything special; the whole first episode was dedicated to a chase, which really does not do much in terms of forwarding the plot. We will probably see more in the future episodes, but this anime has already set a pace and it does not feel like a good one, because if there were not any development at all from the first episode, what can we truly expect later on?

Mirai Nikki:
Mirai Nikki
Yukiteru Amano is a member of the “Go Home” club. He has no friends, does not care to make any and enjoys documenting everything that he has seen or done in his diary. Kind of like Facebook status updates, because he will post even the most random things. Anyways, because he is a loner, he has learned to communicate with his imaginary friends in his mind; Deux Ex Machina and Murmur. Upon expressing how bored he was, Deux Ex, “helps” Yukiteru by giving him a mirai nikki (future diary).

The morning of the next day, he checks his cell phone and sees that his diary has already been filled with today’s events. Feeling suspicious and in a state of disbelief, he finds out from Yuno Gasai that he is not the only person with the future diary. He is also then filled in with the true purpose of the future diary. Deux Ex Machina was not his imaginary friend; he was real and has put Yukiteru and eleven other diary users in a survival game. In this game, the participants have to find and kill each other, until only one survives. The winner of this game will take the throne from Deux Ex as the God of Time and Space.

I thought Mirai Nikki or Future Diary was an interesting concept and that each of the characters in the show are twisted in their heads. There are some blood and gore aspect, but not extreme to the point of disgust. But how far can this show go? While I said the concept is interesting, it still feels somewhat one dimensional, and will get dull to a certain point. So let us hope that it will turn out well in the end.

You are a poor high school student, you are hungry, and so you walk into a supermarket to pick up some food to eat. That ben-to over there looks good, so you make your way down the aisle to grab the last ben-to available. Next thing you know, you are on the floor, bruised, you are bloodied and your memory does not quite serve you correctly as you forget why you were in the supermarket and what events took place. Still fuzzy, you see a pretty girl mouth some words to you through the window of the supermarket and you begin to have fantasies, but that is besides the point, you are still hungry and now with whatever change you have left in your pocket, you had to grab whatever is left because the ben-to are all gone.

That is the life of Yo Sato. From what I have seen from Ben-To, this guy is in for some abuse; getting slapped by the class lead (Ume Shiraume) and getting kicked around by the girl known as the Ice Witch, Sen Yarizui. This anime is a strange piece. The main point of the show involves the protagonist going through battles of life and death in order to earn the right to purchase the half-off ben-to.

After consecutive failures, Sen Yarizui tells Yo Sato to meet her after school. It is then made known that he will be joining the Half-Priced Food Lovers club, where Sen will train him in order to succeed in battle. Ben-To is a ridiculous concept and I do not see how this series will be entertaining. You might get a few laughs here and there from the comedy, but seriously, fighting for ben-to? I do not comprehend the excitement associated with that. Let us hope, there is more aspects to the show, than just the supermarket battles.

Tamayura ~hitotose~:
Tamayura ~hitotose~
Here comes the female slice of life anime of the season. Tamayura ~hitotose~ is a story about a girl named Fu Sawatari. She is still healing from the passing of her father and one day as she looks at the pictures that her father took when he was still alive, Fu remembered the joy that were in the photos and the happiness her father felt as he was snapping the shots. It is then where she decides to take up her father’s passion for photography. Utilizing his camera, she is on a mission to take pictures with light specks in them. These light specks are referred as tamayura by Fu and they only exist in pictures when there is joy around.

I am sure there is audience out there that will appreciate this type of anime, but I cannot bring myself to continue to watch this. The pace of the anime is slow, and from what I have seen so far, feels sad. I do understand that Fu Sawatari is going through the process of losing a loved one and that contributes to the gloomy atmosphere. Towards the end of the episode, Fu returns to her home town, where her father grew up to attend high school, and meet up with her childhood friend Kaoru Hanawa. Tamayura is your typical slice of life anime and if you enjoy those, then have at it.

Un-Go is a detective anime. Shinjuro Yuki, also known as the “Defeated Detective” goes around crime scenes with his partner Inga to solve the mysteries behind the crimes. Right off the bat the viewers see that Shinjuro Yuki was dead or in the process of dying and Inga saves him somehow. Once the opening theme was over, we are immediately brought to the story and the characters involved. One issue I have with Un-Go is the constant introduction of characters by just captioning their name and who they are.

Honestly, I cannot remember all these names and their roles. If they did one or two, I can process that. But when they started to go down the list of characters I just tuned out, because quite frankly, the story did not require that all these extra characters be identified. All that was needed was the protagonist, Inga, Rinroku and Rie Kaisho, the criminal and the guy that died. Every other character, the anime would have survived if we did not know who they were.

Anyways, I thought Un-Go was good. It made me put on my detective hat and think about the incident, trying to solve the mystery myself. You rarely get anime like that anymore, where you have to put your brain to use. Most of the stuff these days are, just watch and maybe hope you enjoy it types. Also, Inga is strange. She mainly takes on the form of a kid, but when she gets anxious, she will take the form of a hot babe. Her special ability is that she can pose one question to anyone and they will answer her truthfully. With this ability, solving mysteries sure gets easier. I am looking forward to see what really happened with Shinjuro Yuki during the opening of the show and definitely looking forward to what kind of other mysteries Un-Go has in stored for me.

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai:
Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai, also known as “I Don’t Have Many Friends” or Haganai for short, takes a concept that is often over looked in everyday life and brings it to light. When I was in school, there were the popular kids who had many “friends,” then there were the kids who were kept to themselves and did not care to make any friends. In the first episode of this show, we get to see three levels of why certain people do not have friends.

Our main character, Kodaka Hasegawa received a bad rap on the first day of school. His delinquent look scared the teacher and the students. From then on, everyone is scared of him and runs the other way whenever he is in sight. Next is Yozora Mikazuki, she makes no effort to talk to anyone in class. She often just sits at her desk and puts her head down during free time. From the “leave me alone” vibe that she gives off, other students just ignore her. Now we move onto Sena Kashiwazaki. She is the popular girl in school, often accompanied by a group of guys. But that means, she should have a lot of friends right? No. The people that associate with Sena are the people that want something from her, due to the fact that she is pretty and also the daughter of the board chairman of the school.

So things happen and Mikazuki decides to create the Neighbor’s club, where the main purpose of the club is to make friends. I thought the idea of the show was fun, but where can the story take us? Will it be another one of those shows where you see the characters interacting in the club all the time and getting little to nothing done? Quite a few anime titles come into mind. Or will Haganai actually accomplish something and become a title that I will want to continue watching. It is difficult to tell at the current moment as all I saw in terms of club activities were Mikazuki and Sena going at each other. I guess it is their form of getting acquainted as friends. Anyways, I do want to see how this show plays out, but I will be ready to hop off the bandwagon when things get rough.

Mobile Suit Gundam: AGE:
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
Out with the serious styled Gundam series (SEED, Wing etc.), in with the kiddy style series. While I would not say this is a first for the Gundam franchise, Gundam AGE takes the less eye candy route, but still manages to deliver with a great story line. In this edition of Gundam, we are placed in a war zone, the Unknown Enemy (UE) attacked the space colony Ovan and obliterated everyone and everything in sight. Our protagonist Flit Asuno was just a child when he was involved in all that mess and was given the responsibility (a device containing the blueprints to make a Gundam) from his mother, who also told him to entrust his fate to the Gundam.

Years have passed since the incident and humans lived with the fear of the UE daily. Having experienced the attack and lived to talk about it, Flit has always wondered whether the UE have an attack pattern. When a colony ship was destroyed by the UE, he believed that the next target would be space colony Nora. Of course, everyone laughs at his suggestion until the attacks materialized. With whatever firepower Nora had, they were fighting a losing battle. That is when Flit suggests the Gundam be used. And from that point on, Flit Asuno begins his journey as the savior of humanity piloting the Gundam.

From what I have seen, obviously, my first beef with the show is the animation. I am not a big fan of the kiddy style Gundam series and I am confident that I am not the only person on this boat. But at the same time I looked past that and saw the series as a whole. The story is, while not totally original, as there have been a few mecha anime with similar elements, it was still very good. The way the characters acted out and the action that followed was remarkable.

I have to be honest, this is the first Gundam I have watched since Gundam X and Gundam AGE has managed to pull me out of my state of trauma left by Gundam X. Okay, maybe not so serious, but AGE has really brought to me a sense of refreshment for the Gundam franchise. It could be the fact that I have not watch Gundam for years, or it could be the fact that it is genuinely a decent series. I am siding with the latter.

Guilty Crown:
Guilty Crown
If any series is a love at first sight this fall season. Guilty Crown takes the crown. The year is 2039 Shu Ouma is a high school student whom often kept to himself. He is a loner and as he was going to his secret spot, he meets Inori Yuzuriha the singer whom he adored (as he was listening, watching her music video and staring alone into the city night sky in the introduction). But the circumstance of the meeting was not ideal as she was injured from running from the GHQ.

The GHQ is an organization that took the independence from the Japanese people all while they were restoring Japan from the “Lost Christmas”; the period in time (2029) where a virus was spread in Japan, which caused many deaths and chaos. Certainly, this sounds like a noble cause by the GHQ, but their oppressive government and disregard for the independence of the people has lead a resistance group to develop, a group named, “Undertaker.”

When Inori was captured, Shu finally found the push for him to do something out of the ordinary chapters of his life. He decided to make a difference and listened to Inori’s words and brought the stolen goods to Gai Tsutsugami, the leader of “Undertaker.” As their meeting unfolds, the GHQ has launched an attack to the area with a kill anyone in sight order. Seeing this mayhem unfold, Shu runs and stumbles upon Inori. Hesitant at first to save her, he decides to run out there and when everything was said and done, he attains the king’s mark, which allowed him to withdraw a weapon out of Inori (looks like a Dantalian no Shoka moment). Anyways, he uses the power and halts GHQ’s attacks and the episode comes to an end. At this point, I was picking my jaw up from the floor.

Right when the episode began, we are greeted with one of the best insert theme songs (Euterpe) that I have experienced. The soft and calm vocals really put the viewer into the correct mood of the show. Both opening (My Dearest) and closing (Departures: Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta) themes are written by Supercell and the performances by the respective singers are astonishing. I really enjoyed the sounds of Guilty Crown.

Next comes the animation and action. Superb details as expected by Production I.G, I was very happy with what I saw. The battle scenes and fighting scenes were explosive and hard hitting. Now the story, it was gripping. While Shu Ouma’s character is a bit frustrating due to his scaredy cat attitude at the beginning, he matures as the show goes on and became part of the resistance. The plot also manages to keep you on the edge pondering what is next. Guilty Crown is a definite hit and if you do not check this piece out, you are missing out!

Cross Fight B-Daman:
Cross Fight B-Daman
Where do I begin… Cross Fight B-Daman is one of these kiddy anime that focuses on a certain game. Kind of like Yu-Gi-Oh with cards, Digimon with the digi-devices and whatever anime that has that kind of aspect to it. This time around, we are dealing with robot looking pinball shooting pocket toys; B-Daman. Of course, it cannot just be that simple right? No way.

Ryuugazaki Kakeru is a normal elementary school student, whom has a heart for adventures. That is until his friend, Natsumi introduces him to B-Daman. After Kakeru helps out a toy store owner, he decides to give him a gift of his choice. Kakeru picks a B-Daman that was not for sale and a few scenes later he gets himself involved with the underground world of real B-Daman battles.

Personally, I do not like the show; I felt it was one dimensional with the pinball shooting B-Daman. Sure the animators can jazz it up all they want, but still, these are small mechanical devices that shoot pinballs… and all of a sudden special powers are introduced to the shots. I had a good time laughing at the show, not with the show, so that pretty much sums up what I think of this title.

Last Exile ~Ginyoku no Fam~ / -Fam, The Silver Wing-:
Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-
I have not seen the first Last Exile, so I am watching Last Exile ~Ginyoku no Fam~ or -Fam, The Silver Wing- with no prior expectations from the franchise. I am very happy with how GONZO is doing what I expect GONZO to do; great animation. The last GONZO title I came across I felt cheated, so from the animation aspect, Last Exile –Fam, The Silver Wing- looks amazing. The dog fights and the sheer size of the battles are sure to entertain the viewers.

From the story standpoint, this series is separate from the original Last Exile. In this show we follow Fam Fan Fan as she gets involved in the battle between the Ades Federation and the Kingdom of Turan. The feeling I got from Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- is that the plot will be very intriguing, and entertaining. The action will keep pace and continue to draw the audience in. The music is also very nicely done, especially with the singing voice from Maaya Sakamoto. All in all, Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- looks to be a solid title and deserves your views.

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